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Fort Myer Physical Fitness Center

Fort Myer Physical Fitness Center provides equipment for all fitness levels. This modern facility has two floors and is equipped with an elevator. Group classes and personal training opportunities are offered by our Sports and Fitness Program throughout the week. This facility is wheelchair accessible. 

The Fort Myer Physical Fitness Center operates under a 24-hour access system 24/7. The facility is manned Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. In-person registration is required to gain access. 

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Facility Overview


  • Men and women’s saunas
  • Day lockers and showers
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • 3 racquetball courts
  • Cardiovascular area with 40 different machines
  • Access to cable TV via Cardio Theater
  • 15 treadmills
  • 15 elliptical trainers
  • Stair climbers
  • Rowers
  • Summit trainers
  • CYBEX® trainers
  • Upright and recumbent bikes
  • Indoor track
  • Free weight room equipped with Hammer Strength® lifting equipment
  • Lounge area with vending machines and entertainment
  • Spin room
  • Functional Fitness room with rowers, bumper plates, plyometrics equipment, kettle bells, medicine balls, bands, ropes and a platform deck
  • Nautilus Room featuring Selectorize machines
  • Wheelchair-accessible

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Personal Training

A.M.P. Applied Maximum Performance

With James Harris, Performance Coach, ISSA-S&C, CFT 

Core Connections integrates core stability, core strengthening, and core power. It focuses on functional stability and movements used everyday.

Iron Clad (Weight Training) combines mid-to-high impact movements with weight training for a complete, head-to-toe workout. 


S.A.Q. (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) Become bigger, stronger and faster. Improve power output, lateral and linear speed, while challenging the an-aerobic capacity. This is an intensive class for all interested in taking workouts to the next level.


A.M.P Boot Camp Work the entire body using speed drills, plyometrics, weights, and cardio. A.M.P. Boot Camp is for anyone who wants to be challenged and improve their oveall health.

Corrective Exercise Classes are for beginners new to the gym. It helps to ensure they exercise correctly, prevent injury, and to help develop efficient and effective workouts.

Note:  Please consult your physician before beginning a new exercise routine.

Facility Reservations

To make a reservation, please call +1 (703)696-7868.

For reserved unit Combatives Training, Combatives mats are available. 

Rules and Requirements

Age Policy

Youth may use the facility during manned hours only.

  • Patrons 18 years and older are authorized to use the Fort Myer Fitness Center during manned and unmanned operations.
  • Youth 16 years or older may utilize the center and all equipment without adult supervision.
  • Youth 15 years and below must be accompanied by an authorized adult user and may not be left alone.
  • Youth 13 - 15 may use the facility under the direct supervision of their sponsor who is actively participating in the same activity.
  • Youth 12 and under are only authorized to use the gymnasium, track, and racquetball courts with the supervision of an adult whom must actively participate with the child.

Patron Eligibility

Active Duty Military, AD Family Members, DoD Civilians and Retirees, and their Family Members. Patrons may have 1 guest.

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