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The Auto Craft Skills is closed until further notice.

Auto Crafts skills


The key to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable is regular maintenance.  And, let's face it, cars can be a lot of trouble sometimes. …and this area, we need our cars to always be in safe, working condition.  Thanks to the Auto Crafts Skills Center, repairs, tune-ups, and regular maintenance don't have to be expensive or time-consuming.  Why?  You've got friends in the business! 

We make it easy and affordable for you to perform regular maintenance on your vehicles by providing space, equipment, and help (if needed). Skilled staff members are on site and will answer technical questions and guide you through your self-service projects. 

The Auto Crafts Skills Center is equipped with vehicle lifts, a broad selection of tools and state-of-the-art equipment including online diagnostic databases, which include vehicle specific wiring diagrams, maintenance information, labor estimates, technical service bulletins, and recalls.

We are equipped with most everything necessary to help auto repair do-it-yourselfers.

The JBM-HH Auto Crafts Skills Center is also disabled accessible thru the bay doors.


Bays $6.00 per hour
Lifts  $8.00 per hour
Parking (inside overnight) $10.00 per night (10 day max.)
Parking (outside overnight)

$10.00 per day (10 day max.)              


Bench Work $4.00 per hour
Battery Charger $5.00 per hour
Air Cutoff Tool   $3.00 per hour
Hydraulic Press $5.00 per hour
Vacuum Cleaner $2.00 per car
Oil Change

$10.00 per car

Customer provides oil and filter, Auto Craft employee does the work

Engine Diagnostics $30.00 per car
Strut Machine $5.00 per strut
Turn Brake Drum
  $10.00 per drum
Turn Brake Rotor $10.00 per rotor
Power Steering Tool $2.00 per car

Plug - $5.00 each 12”-17” tires

Mounting - $7.00 each

Patch - $5.00 each

Balance - $9.00 each 



1.  Unless included above, fees are based on the individual (not staff) doing the work. 

2.  Fee for use of bay and/or lift will be added to cost of services rendered.




Exterior Wash Only $25
Exterior Car Wash and Vacuum $30
Interior Detail $55
Install car alarms $350
Install Remote car starters $450
Prepare and Vinyl Wrap vehicles $250
Install Radio $150
Back-up Sensors $410
Install Rear View Camera $450
Blind Spot Detectors $475
Install Car Amp $300
Install Speaker per pair $160
Wrap Partial car body $350
Wrap Full car body $1700
Custom Graphics $800
Windows Tint Removal $60
Hood, Front Bumper and Fender Caps $685
Windshield Film Protection $385
Headlight Protection $220
Smoke Tail Lights $135
Rejuvenate and Seal Paint $160
Window Tint Sedan $250
Window Tint Coupe $200
Window Tint Two Front Doors $130




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